Monday, September 20, 2010


How many of you know that 'changes' take place in the beat of every moment?? Understanding this concept brings a new light on the subject of 'change'. In my mind change is incredible in every aspect. It could be good or bad. Invisible or destructive. Soothing or loathing. Either case.... still incredible.

In my life discovering and embracing change helps to understand who I am and what it is that I would love to do for the rest of my life. When others say, "You do that soooo well!" you tend to sway to making the proper decision (or what you feel is proper) to become what you think you are just because you're capable to doing something well.

As I've said many times to my husband, especially recently, I know one thing about myself to be true and that is that I can do many things well, but to be excellent at ONE thing would be even more appreciative and exciting. I'm discovering which path that I could take to be great at one thing in my life. It's difficult. Difficult to choose just one thing. However, I know the few things that I would love to be great at and perhaps I'll just pursue those few things in hopes to find the ONE thing that I can and will be great at.

Discovering myself through change...

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