Monday, May 25, 2009

Running just as fast as she can...

So, I'm running just as fast as I can -- on Mother's Day I decided it would be a great victory over mind and body to complete the 1/2 Kirkland Marathon! It was a fantastic day with the weather, how I felt and the time I completed it in. Mind you I've never ran any further -- consistently -- than eight miles. As I woke up the morning of Mother's Day it was a wonderful morning. My husband got everything together, including our daughter and dog. Hopped us all in the car and drove us 3.7 miles to the starting line. 
The day couldn't have been any better! I stood in a short line to get my competition number, laced up and stood in line to use the porta potty's. Every runner knows to go and go again before you hit the road. Then the announcer called out for all runners to line up appropriately according to your pace time. Not knowing my pace I figure I should stand at the very back so I don't get trampled upon. As I stood in back I told myself -- one day I'll be a the front of the line, but today I'm taking my time, because even though I've not run 13.1 miles consistently before I know that I can at least walk it if necessary. Having no concept of the distance of a true mile and only running according to "time" before I figure I'd have no problem and that I can 'win' the mind over the situation because I chose to not wear my watch until I became a better runner. 
The starting gun went off and the herd of people moved forward. The first few miles are always the most difficult for me -- because I have to talk myself into what I'm doing and remind myself that I'm only warming up. Even though there may not be that many behind me there are several in front of me that I can follow and I'm not alone (as discovered I'm more of a social runner and want to be more of an independent runner). I ran and ran and ran and ran -- came to the 'biggest' hill before three miles hit and had to walk the top half. Okay I said to myself -- I'll work on running hill's when I'm done today. Hit the first water station -- walked to drink -- how do you run and drink from a cup without getting it all over yourself? -- took off again and found myself talking to people as I'm passing them. Not to many people were happy about it until I met an older gal that would pass me, then fall behind, and pass me again. She was sweet and encouraging. It was her second time competing in the 1/2 Kirkland marathon and she had set her goals this time around. I felt great running with her and I picked up pointers along the way. 
Needless to say many gals I'd talked to along the course had ran it at least once before. It was a pleasure to have heard that as I was passing them up -- because I felt fairly 'fast' for my first time around. I just kept in focus who I was running what mile for -- for example: 
  1. mile one was for God
  2. mile two was for me
  3. mile three was for my husband
  4. mile four was for my husband and I
  5. mile five was for my first born - Darren
  6. mile six was for Breeya
  7. mile seven was for us as a family
  8. mile eight was for my mom
  9. mile nine was for my dad
  10. mile ten was for ..... you get the picture. 
So during the run that's what I focused on. I had read it in Runner's magazine and thought I would give it a shot. Try running for one mile and thinking nothing except for that person you're running for. It wasn't as easy as I anticipated! However, at mile seven I had a permeant smile on my face and even one of the volunteer's had noticed that was controlling traffic! As I ran past she said amazing that you still have a smile! That pushed me further...then Lake Washington and the Olympic Mtns in the distance on a clear blue sky day. It was a great day!
I came in at 2 hours and 28 minutes. Twenty eight minutes slower than I'd hoped for on my first 1/2 marathon, but as I crossed the finish line I felt that I could have done it again. So I knew the next time I could push myself even harder to complete in a time that would be under two hours. 
All said and done -- I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO MY NEXT 1/2 MARATHON! 
Running just as fast as she can...

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My name is Erin. said...

Good job, Jenn! I even got a little choked up when you were talking about who you were running for! I'm happy for you and Happy Belated Mother's Day!