Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coffee Shop Friendships

Its always a great day meeting your "coffee shop friends" -- where the only place these friends ever meet you, see you and know you is from & in the coffee shop. It can be a great place & safe haven to be oneself and possibly perceive yourself to be someone your not or someone you've always wanted to be with no judgement or preconceived ideas of expectations -- just being oneself.

My husband and I were listening to the folksy music of one local musician last Friday night while sitting at the window side coffee bar on stools with no back bone... while doing so I was viewing/noticing/observing the coffee shop friendships that entered the door. Hugging, smiling, greeting, conversing and sitting with one another -- expectations of no kind, just laid back casual coffee drinkers. 

There was the urban coffee drinker at the table in the corner for seating for one and a half with the super thin lap top--cell phone on vibrate pretending to work while surfing the web for that extra special something. 

Then there was the couple with newly developed child & carrier on wheels that rolled in for that drip coffee while meeting their friend of tall double latte' status. Sitting beside the small group was the urban-folksy blazer t-shirt guy with espresso in hand.

All joining in to one accord of laid back music and one goal -- coffee. 

Its a great thought knowing that coffee can bring together all sorts of talents, groups & personalities that can last from five minutes at a glance or a lifetime of mutual enjoyment.

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